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Giardini La Mortella

Address Via Francesco Calise, 39 - 80075 Forio NA, Italia

Giardini La MortellaGiardini La Mortella.

“La Mortella” is the splendid garden, now open to the public, created by Susana Walton, the Argentinian wife of Sir William Walton. In the garden there are collections of plants originating from different countries, such as tree ferns from the Austral continent, Proteas and Aloes from South Africa, Yuccas and Agaves from Mexico, and then Magnolias, Bauhinias, Palms, Cycads .... In Neapolitan dialect "Mortella" is the name of the "divine myrtle" or Myrtus communis. This plant sprouts in great abundance among the rocks .... Three concert seasons take place during the year: chamber music recitals in Spring and Autumn, every Saturday and Sunday in the Sala Recite; in Summer the Festival for youth orchestras, with symphonic music concerts, on Thursday evenings in the Greek Theater ....

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